UMTJ has been mandated to carry responsibility as the commercialization arm for technologies and products from University Malaysia Terengganu. Among the service falls under UMTJ duty are a business consultancy towards the UMT’s spin-off company, technology/ business matching, market validation activities for new technologies, selling of selected UMT’s products, fund/investment sourcing for UMT’s technologies & spin-off companies and also assisting and monitoring the development of UMT’s spin-off companies.

UMTJ is a company that runs professional services based on the expertise and services available at UMT. UMTJ will conduct business as a consultant and professional management services to the outside world (local and international customers) and create wealth generation through expertise and services available at UMT and promote UMT professional services to the outside world through smart partnerships.


Business Venture
Event Management

Commercialization Project :

The main concept for this feed is able to promote better biomass, survival and growth of the brine shrimp Artemia, an important live food used in aquaculture, in tank system. PKC-Nutri+ is a low cost diet and serves as an excellent substitute for the use of expensive microalgae in brine shrimp biomass production.

Symbiosis : PKC-Nutri +
Client : Institute Biotechnology Marin
Duration : One Off
Symbiosis : All - Female Tiger Prawn Post-Larvae
Client : Exitech PLT
Duration : 29 August 2016 Until Now